PSN Sale

Modern flats in attractive Prague localities, as well as real estate before renovation, prepared to be renovated to meet your expectations.

During our more than twenty years on the real estate market, we have gained enough experience to offer you the professional approach of our team and a comprehensive service.

We are the direct owners of our real estate, and thus our sales and leasing terms are highly competitive. We sell more than 300 flats per year; in fact we sell almost one flat a day! Let us choose one such flat for you. We are prepared to find you a flat in Prague, Kladno, Pardubice, Hradec Králové or Slané that meets your expectations.

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PSN Lease

A modern office in the very heart of Prague is an ideal place for leading a successful business. With this in mind, we included in our offer a broad portfolio of attractive localities ready to be leased or purchased as office premises.

The Dancing House on the bank of the Vltava is a characteristic symbol of Prague, much admired by tourists from the world over. Now we are offering our customers to opportunity make the most of its representative and fully-equipped premises for their businesses. We also offer office leasing outside of Prague, i.e. in Pardubice, Kladno, Hradec Králové or Slané.

We have been gathering experience on the real estate market since 1991. In addition, we own all of the real estate that we offer, and we are therefor able to provide you with detailed information about the condition of the real estate and favourable lease or purchase terms.

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